Sahaj Pay Kendra has brought for you a lucrative scenario which promises to put your business forward through Bonding Digitally. Irrespective of the trade scale you may be dealing with, our solutions will help you get through the contending marketplace situations. On top of this your business will attain a nationwide foothold. We will make your presence felt throughout the country. So, no small talk! Instead you can make a big move with us.

Sell your items through Sahaj Pay Kendra’s steadfast platform.

The digital marketplace is giving everyone enough opportunity to spread. Taking this into account at Sahaj Pay Kendra, we are paving way for a smoother and result based channel for online marketers. Yes! In a few clicks and even fewer methods, you can see your storefront to not just come up alive but witness it running in full swing. All you need to do is to get registered with us as our partner and share your own catalogue. We will make the unbelievable happen.

You are all set for a new beginning

You are on the way to making your dream come true as your store front comes alive. Just sign up and like we have said you need to share your catalogue with us. That’s it! Your online store will start running, selling products like never before.

Nation-wide reach

Don’t let your business stay constricted. There are bigger opportunities waiting for you. At Sahaj Pay Kendra we let it happen for you by reaching your business to every doorstep across the country.

Integrated Dashboard

We promise to help you make the most out of an intuitive and highly integrated dashboard so that you can administer business functionalities at their best and witness mammoth results. It is our duty to help you manage your online store front.


Leave your branding responsibilities on our shoulder. We will help you get through from just a name to a highly acclaimed brand. Let your business name succeed through the effective promos and deals or even coupons that we let you generate.

Flexible Pricing

You do not necessarily have to agree to a price which you cannot justifiably afford. We give you the power to negotiate and make the best deal. Avail our flexible pricing option.

Inventory and Catalog management

Business is all about not missing out on a single detail. We let you manage your store front in a hassle-free manner. Our catalog uploading system is simplified and we let every task happen in a usually quicker span. Also, do not forget to explore our super fast and accurate inventory management solutions.